Time Remaining Until Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25, 2022

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Christmas Meditations

Do you struggle with the daily stress and oppression of the Christmas season added to your everyday life? Do you or someone you know struggle with holiday depression, a chronic illness, or mental illness? The brief readings are ideal for anytime moments of contemplation about the significance of the Christmas event.


What are the Chances?


The likelihood of events set in motion by the birth of Jesus fulfilling ancient prophecies delivered centuries before the events described took place is incredible.

Fascinating Christmas-Related Reading

People of Christmas

Get acquainted with the diverse characters and their essential part in the Christmas story.


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Places of Christmas

Discover and learn about the different places where the events of the Christmas story took place.


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Proceedings of Christmas

Enjoy reading these heart-warming stories & other events that happened on or around the Christmas holiday.


More to Explore

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A Personal Letter for You

You can never truly enjoy Christmas until you can look up into the Father’s face and tell Him you have received His Christmas gift” ― John Rice

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The Christmas Story Timeline

An opportunity to read in order the biblical narrative of the Christmas story.    No commentary • No discussion • No spin • Just the Bible

― Really? Is Christmas Relevant?

Do you find that Christmas has never had any real meaning?

Does the season no longer feel unique, magical, or special?

Tired of the impatience, greed, spending, and exhaustion?

Is the Christmas season become days of utter madness?

There is a friendly group of people, who would are also learning more about this holiday season in a totally different light.